Will laser hair removal work on gray hair?

Remember that laser light is attracted to the hair pigment. And, therefore, the procedure will not be effective. Achieving the most effective laser treatment depends largely on the patient's skin and hair color. In laser hair reduction, the best response is seen with dark hair and light skin.

While gray, white, blond and red hair rarely respond. People with black or medium skin and dark hair can have their hair removed with a laser. However, they cannot expect a very efficient and complete waxing. In addition, a special laser should be used to remove hair.

This is because it is quite difficult to treat light hair on white skin and dark hair on dark skin.

Laser hair removal

doesn't work on gray hair. The laser looks for the pigment in dark hair to make it work, so it doesn't work on gay hair. Likewise, it won't work as well on light-colored hair such as red or blonde hair.

For many people, they're a major problem, and one that a laser can't solve. So how can you permanently remove gray, rough and hormonal hair? Laser hair removal simply doesn't work because it's a light-based energy that seeks the pigment or melanin to absorb that energy; the more melanin, the more light energy is absorbed to destroy the hair. Gray hair and other pigment-deficient hair, such as blonde, red, light brown and white hair, have nothing or enough melanin to absorb the energy of the laser light, so there can be no destruction of the hair. As long as there is enough pigment in the hair, IPL treatments can be just as successful in removing unwanted hair with salt and pepper.

Laser hair removal treatment can be performed on upper lip, facial hair, body hair, legs and armpits. However, people with white skin and light hair are not lucky enough to experience the best results with laser hair removal. These methods are effective on ALL hair types, including gray, blonde, red, light brown and white hair. To understand why gray, white and blond hair are more difficult to remove, you must first understand how hair color is determined.

While you may have had dark hair on fair skin in the past, as your body ages, you realize that laser treatments may not be as effective as they have been in the past. Medical spa professionals are the best people to consult for advice on how to remove gray hair using laser treatments in Houston. Good candidates for permanent hair reduction are those who have darker hair or black hair on fair skin to white skin. He then obtained a Level 4 IPL and laser hair removal certification and has gained valuable experience in laser hair removal.

Fortunately, as you age, so has home hair removal technology, and now some IPL devices can remove gray hair just as easily as they used to remove dark hair, with a few caveats. Light hair contains less pigment than dark hair, and white and gray hair is the result of the loss of pigment in the hair. Compared to the amount of time and money invested in all other hair removal methods, it's definitely worth it. Some people get better and faster results, while others require more and longer sessions to get waxed.

Laser technology has advanced to the point where it can be used on light hair and sometimes on light hair, including gray hair. Laser treatments work by attacking melanin, which is found at the root of every hair in the body area. .