Are laser hair removal burns permanent?

In the most aggressive cases, Minars says it may take a couple of months or more for the burn to disappear. This also depends on the location of the burn, since burns on the legs usually take longer to go away.

Laser hair removal

burns are considered a risk factor. But are laser hair removal burns permanent? If the laser energy is absorbed by the skin instead of the hair, the treatment can cause burns.

Some may be very mild and others may be more serious. While burns aren't common, once they occur they can cause permanent scarring. However, in most cases burns heal. To speed up the healing process, you must keep the area hydrated, avoid chafing and friction, hot showers, baths and steam rooms, and avoid rubbing your skin.

You could get a first-degree hair removal laser burn during a procedure performed by an inexperienced technician. There are side effects associated with laser hair removal, including skin irritation, skin discoloration, and skin rashes. For example, if you are undergoing laser hair removal treatment, your skin should cool down almost immediately. One of the only ways to reduce the risk of getting burns from laser hair removal is to make sure you go to an accredited beauty salon that offers the procedure and to ensure that the technician has sufficient experience to use a laser device.

If you were injured during a laser hair removal procedure, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible and follow the care advice offered by the doctor or laser technician who performed the procedure. While you can fairly easily treat a mild laser hair removal burn injury at home, you should see a professional doctor if you are concerned in any way and, without a doubt, seek medical attention for more serious burn injuries. In addition, because many of these injuries affect physical appearance, an injured recipient of laser hair removal is also at risk of anxiety, depression, and other emotional problems. In short, if you are offered laser or IPL hair removal treatments without having a series of test patches done beforehand, do not continue treatment; consult other providers.

For laser hair removal to be successful, melanin must absorb light from the laser to destroy the hair follicle. A large number of people undergo laser hair removal treatments every year in the UK and many suffer from minor or more serious laser burns that are not only painful but can also leave permanent scars. Many people who suffer burns from laser hair removal don't realize that they could be entitled to free private treatment that could help speed recovery. With that said, you should contact the beauty salon immediately if you suspect that you have suffered a laser hair removal burn and should ask to speak with the technician who performed your procedure.

If you suffered a mild or severe hair removal laser burn and want to know if you qualify for free private medical treatment in your area, contact us today. Mild or severe laser hair removal burns can be painful, and more severe burns can leave scars.