Why are laser hair removal machines so expensive?

Professional laser hair removal is expensive because of the high cost of purchasing the machine. Even a used laser machine is worth tens of thousands of dollars. Professional laser hair removal systems are not cheap because this is a fairly new technology. Some IPL devices on the market offer fewer pulses per bulb, for example, around 100,000, before they need to be replaced.

The best units will last around 250,000 pulses or longer. The best IPL devices are capable of emitting up to 400,000 pulses of light, which is sufficient for a lifetime of hair removal treatments. In the long run, you may appreciate the convenience and cost savings of never having to replace the bulb on your IPL device. The first laser hair removal machines were very expensive.

The technology was new and expensive to produce. Not many companies had the resources and know-how. Manufacturing was probably more difficult and it was not possible to reduce production costs. In addition, competition wasn't great back then, so companies didn't have any incentive to make their machines cheaper.

Even if someone can undergo laser hair removal, people with dark skin or light hair may need additional sessions. And vice versa, if the cost of laser treatments is a little more expensive it's probably due to the quality of the laser machine being used. What that means for you is that even if a reputable laser machine is being used, if it isn't maintained and the laser clinic doesn't pay for a service contract, the laser company won't provide any parts for that machine. IPL devices are an ideal solution for those looking for a permanent hair removal solution that doesn't cost a fortune and that provides smooth, hair-free skin that lasts without discomfort or pain.

It's hard for someone who wants to do laser hair removal to know which lasers are effective and which aren't. If you're going to have laser hair removal on large areas of your body, such as your back or legs, the cost is likely to be more expensive than removing hair from small areas. While not considered a permanent hair removal method, many patients experience permanent hair removal. When the laser hair removal industry began, there were NOT many laser hair removal machines to choose from.

However, when laser hair removal is considered a long-term investment in skin care, it's not as expensive. As the skin and hair are treated with the IPL device, the user will gradually experience increasingly slow hair growth thanks to light-based treatments and their effect on follicles. For the most part, you shouldn't expect your health insurance to cover the costs of laser hair removal. The cost of laser hair removal generally includes an office visit, the application of a topical anesthetic to numb pain, laser treatment and the topical post-care application of products such as soothing agents and sunscreen, according to both doctors.

This also makes it easier to get better results when you have different types of hair on different areas of your body, such as leg hair versus armpit hair. Alexandrite and ruby lasers are effective and absorb the pigment to destroy the hair shaft, but this method can be dangerous for darker skin and rarely destroys stem cells, resulting in poor long-term results.